Credit Cards? Yes, of course we accept credit cards.

Many of our clients rely on the convenience of using their credit cards to pay for our contracted services. We use Square to process payments by credit cards securely. Whether through reading your card on site or through online payment of invoices, superior security and ease of use are why we chose Square.  We’ve used other credit card processing services over the years and decided to move recently to Square because of their marketplace leadership.

We accept credit cards graphic of widely used credit cards

In the United States, starting in fall 2015, all credit card payments will begin being made using newer technology credit cards that include a chip and new card readers. The technology has been used more widely outside of the USA for the past couple of years. The newer type cards fight fraud and provide added protection for card holders. The EMV cards (Eurocard Mastercard Visa) are smart payment cards that store their data on integrated circuits rather than the magnetic stripe we all have been using for a long time.

photo of chip on a EMV credit cards

Learn more about the EMV type credit cards.

Credit Cards Yes – Consider the Debit Card Danger You May Be Forgetting

From U.S. News and World Report Website-

Say that one day, when routinely checking your credit card statement online, you notice several strange charges: $200 at Target, $25 at Chipotle and $40 at the local Chevron station. Alarmed, you immediately call and tell your card issuer that you didn’t make the purchases. Typically, you will be asked a few questions, and then the charges will be temporarily removed from your statement until the investigation is resolved, your card canceled and a new one mailed to you.

Of course, it’s not always that easy, but by and large, the process is usually quick and painless. And most importantly, you won’t be held responsible for those charges.

Next, still unnerved by these mysterious charges, you decide to check your checking account. There’s trouble there, too: a mysterious $250 purchase at the Apple store.

As was the case with the credit card, your debit card hasn’t been stolen. It’s still in your wallet. However, unlike the fraudulent credit card charges, the $250 debit card purchase drew real money from your bank account.  Read entire article from U.S. News and World Report.

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