Wood Door Refinishing

   Refinish Wood Door Service consists of a close stain color, applying protective coats (sealer & a spar urethane clear coat), filling nail holes and cracks, a smooth sanding and caulking casing perimeters. We do not remove hardware (lock sets, etc.) during this process.

  It is our goal to provide you with the most experienced craftsman available in our area. Consequently much training and development has taught these professionals how to perform the task at hand. We ask you give them the space they need to perform their trade skills uninterrupted.

It is our goal to provide you with the best quality product and experience for your door finishing project while maintaining service, custom stain match and minimizing the awful smell. Furthermore we will be contacting you on an annual basis for any future maintenance that your doors may require.

Customer agrees to provide water, electricity and restroom facilities. GP&D will provide liability and worker compensation insurance for the project.

  See Refinished doors under Project Photos on the Home page of the website. DenverHousePaintingPro.com

Customer Service

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