Updating That Tired Look Part 1 – Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Updating that tired look? Perhaps it’s as simple as a fresh coat of paint with new colors. If your home has old wallpaper, updating will include wallpaper removal, which may not be so simple.

Proper removal love wallpaper requires completing what can be a laborious task. GP&D Restoration is your go-to source for wallpaper removal. We’ve done a lot of wallpaper removal over the years. Our experience provides expertise and time savings.

The majority of the wallpaper removal projects we complete are hourly work projects. Most wallpaper removal jobs are similar. They require protection of adjacent surfaces. Protection helps ensure no damage occurs. Once wallpaper removal is complete many options to update that tired look are available.

  • New wallpaper can be hung
  • Decorative finishes such as wall glazes can be applied
  • Surfaces can be textured, primed and painted
  • Surfaces can be further smoothed, and painted

Many other options are available to update that tired look. These may include adding new trim such as crown or wainscoting to a room or wall section.

Contact us for more details how about how we can help update that tired look and give your home a wonderful new look.

The typical wallpaper removal job requires determining

  • If EPA RRP Lead-Safe work practices must be employed
  • How many layers of old wallpaper will be removed
  • The types of wallpaper: pulp, vinyl covered, solid vinyl, etc.
  • The type of wallpaper paste or adhesive was used
  • What the substrate is made of: drywall, plaster, paneling, etc.

Importantly, we need to test an area to determine the most efficient method for completing the removal work. Testing often provides us the information listed above. Testing also provides us the most efficient way to complete the removal. We’re interested in completing your wallpaper removal project as quickly as possible. This will make your updating dollars go further. Also, by contracting with the Denver house Painting Pro, GP&D Restoration, you won’t have to personally deal with this messy and labor intensive work.

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