Ready for Guests? Wall Paint Touchup and Trim Painting

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Getting your home ready for holiday guests is at the top of the list for many people when the holiday season is approaching. It can be very important any time of year. Take a look at the rooms your visitors will see, including your living room and dining, and other rooms where guests will be staying or gathering. Are they looking a bit dingy or tired?
There’s a great way to quickly provide a fresh look to important rooms in your home. You can complete wall paint touchup painting to traffic areas and then paint or touchup the paint on adjacent trim. This limited type of painting may be something you can do yourself.

3 ‘Do You Have’ questions to consider when planning wall paint touchup and trim painting:

  1. Do you have the time available to complete this type of DIY project?
  2. Do you have the needed protection and painting supplies and tools?
  3. Do you have the original paint left over for touch-up painting?

1. Do you have the time?

To determine how much time you will need, with a room-by-room inspection, determine how many wall areas need to be touched up. Also, check to see if the trim looks like it needs just a little help or needs to be completely repainted. It may take as little as an hour to two hours per room for wall and trim touchup. If the entire wall surfaces need to be painted, or all of the trim needs to be painted, plan on most of a day per room or possibly several days for large rooms.

2. Do you have the supplies and tools?

If the answer is yes, that’s great. If you need supplies and tools, add to your time and cost. Your local paint store can help with the best supplies and tools to make your DIY project go smoothly.

3. Do you have the leftover paint to complete the touchup painting?

This last question may be the most important when attempting touch-up type painting. For walls, just because you have leftover paint, it doesn’t mean that the ‘wall’ touchup painting will be completely successful.  For walls, you will need to wash and rinse the areas being careful to keep your sponge cleaned out as you wash. If the wall surfaces are very dirty, you should consider repainting the whole section or the whole room after washing and rinsing.  Your local paint store (the same manufacturer as any leftover paint) can help if you need more paint. Take the old can of leftover paint with you when you head to the paint store. Be aware if it’s been several years since the previous paint job was completed, some paint types and formulas may have changed.
For trim, if you don’t have any of the original paint used for trim, touch-up type painting using the same paint and formula is significantly more forgiving on trim versus the wall surfaces.

What is the #1 answer to solving Wall Paint TouchUp and Trim Painting challenges?

We’re pretty sure you’ve already guessed the answer. Contact us at GPD.
We can get your home looking great and ready for your guests in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
So call us at 303-985-9885, or use our secure contact form. We promise to get back in touch with you quickly.

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