The 4 Steps To Refinishing Stained and Varnished Doors

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Refinishing stained and varnished doors is not a complicated task, but it involves following precise steps. The process also requires a lot of patience and time. Refinishing stained and varnished doors can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have experience in these tasks. If the job seems too much for you and your skills, GP&D can do the job for you. However, if you like to do things on your own and have enough time to dedicate to this project, read on to find out how you can refinish your stained and finished doors.

Step 1: Cleaning, Stripping, and Sanding
The first thing you should do is clean the door. Cleaning the door thoroughly is a very important step. You don’t want to refinish an unclean door. Doing this will help you detect the condition of the surface and reveal any areas that need extra attention. The door may have been in bad condition when you purchased it. Dirt and debris may have accumulated in the grooves of the finish. You will need proper cleaning products to get rid of these substances. With great care and precision, you can use a scraper, a vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris, a softer scrub brush, water, and cleaning solutions. You can also use a chemical cleaner to remove any rust. You should also check for any loose or damaged wood pieces. Repairs or replacement of these loose or damaged surfaces must be completed before moving forward.

After thoroughly cleaning the door, you should strip off the finish. You can do this using a safe chemical stripper. This is important to avoid damaging the wood when refinishing the door. You will also have an easier time sanding the wood after removing the finish. Make sure to wear proper personal protection when stripping the door. You don’t want to inhale harmful fumes or get any of the chemicals on your skin. Also, carefully protect adjacent surfaces using masking that will hold up to the stripping portion of the project. Washing and neutralizing surfaces after the stripping process. You should let the door dry out thoroughly before you start sanding.

Next, the careful and uniform sanding of the door is crucial to the overall success of the refinishing project. The correct type and grit of sandpaper provide the surface needed for staining and refinishing.

Step 2: Coloring and Applying Stain
The color of the stain used in refinishing is one of the most important elements to the success of your refinishing project. You can refinish doors with any color stain you like. However, if you want to match the existing finish, you should use a stain color that is compatible with the old stain. Just make sure to test the stain on a small area of the door before coloring the entire door. The application of stain can be achieved using several different methods. We use brushing stain and fine finish spray application to achieve the best match to the existing color possible. Will it be perfect? Depending on how damaged the old finish and stain were when you start the project, the results can vary.

Step 3: Applying Finish Coats
Finishes are available in oil and water-based formulas. You can use either one to refinish glossy doors. It all depends on the condition of the wood. You can apply the finish using a paintbrush or spray application. Typically, applying at least two coats is necessary to get a uniform finish. Additional coats of finish can provide additional protection as well. Make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear. Wait for the first coat of finish to dry completely before proceeding to the second and any additional coats of finish. You should sand lightly between coats to get a good finish, making sure to remove all sanding dust before proceeding with the application of additional coats.

Step 4: Conclusion
Refinishing stained and varnished doors is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either. You just need to follow the proper steps and put in the required effort. The hardest part is appropriately cleaning the door and stripping the old finish. Once you have done that, the rest of the process just takes time and careful attention. Always remember to wear the proper safety gear while working on this project.

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The 4 Steps To Refinishing Stained and Varnished Doors

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