How to find a good quality Painting Contractor?

Accreditation is an on going certification.
Accreditation is an on going certification.

Today we would like talk to you about a big question that we as customers face every time we hire an outside professional for there services.

  Have you ever had an experience with a contractor who was unpleasant, misunderstood and all around just left you out of the loop?
Did I hire the wrong level of person for my project?
Or maybe you just want the best Level of craftsmanship for your budget?
  At GP&D Restoration in Denver, our full-time trained employees pride themselves by providing an enjoyable environment, which is full of learning and overall having an open communication with our customers. We base ourselves on a level of contracting that helps both you and I to better understand the value of our time and able to give exceptional detail to your projects.
A referral from Miss Jones from Denver, says “this company gave me hope after my husband died last year…, .they are great”
  GP&D Restoration – your painter for life!

Customer Service

We’re dedicated to providing you with a better level of service you’ll love. We’ve been a Denver area based painting contractor business since 1980. 

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