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Popcorn Acoustic Ceiling Texture Removal

Farewell to Popcorn Ceilings! — Thinking of updating or just getting rid of that ceiling texture – what a great idea. GP&D Restoration can remove Popcorn Acoustic Ceiling Texture Removal to freshen-up the look. The process takes ONE WEEK or less to make an entire area of your home look clean and contemporary.

Easier Clean-up with a Scrape Tool
One of the tools used to remove the ceiling texture.

First things – First! – This popcorn ceiling texture may contain asbestos. Asbestos has been related to cancer. So if you have not tested the popcorn texture for asbestos we can help you. Do not get confused with dates, because in the 90’s a retailer here in Denver lost a class action suit was selling drywall mud with asbestos. Note: Another reason to choose an experienced company who cares about your health and well-being.

 How much does it cost? – Call us and we can give you a fast and simple estimate. We will need to know the approximate square footage of each room or area, and the ceiling height of each room or area. This will give you an idea of the cost to remove and give the area a new look.

What you need to do to make the area ready for the texture removal – What we ask of our customers is cleanout the area of breakables, valuable items, clutter, and/or any item that touches the ceiling, prior to our arrival. Other things you could do is remove ceiling fan blades and heat registers. We have found this is a good time to have the window treatment (draperies) cleaned. Call your favorite cleaner and have them take them down before our start date and replace them again after we are finished to complete that look and feel of your new room.

Remove the Mess – Yes, you can imagine having all that mess on your floor and tracked throughout your home like other companies do it. We are not like that -our service is performed in the quickest, cleanest and most efficient manner. Everything gets covered in plastic – walls, floors and the larger pieces of furniture. In addition, we use a tool that speeds up the removal process by catching the scrapings before they fall to the floor. The team will remove (scrape, bag and dispose) the acoustic and fix any ceiling damage in ONE DAY.

The Finish Look – Our professionals will remove your old popcorn ceilings and apply a hand, semi-smooth skip trowel finish in one working day. If there is another look you desire, we can probably do that too. Our service improves any home with a new modern look.

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