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Paint Stripping and Surface Restoration

It’s important to contract with an experienced paint stripping and surface restoration contractor when the job requires complete removal of the old paint and coating layers. GP&D is the trusted contractor to complete your paint stripping and surface restoration projects.

Paint Stripping - Messy, stinky, and dangerous


Remove paint from brick, concrete, metal, and wood. Paint stripping process is usually kept on-site, very time consuming, smells, has chemical hazards and must comply with EPA’s RRP Regulation. Be sure to read the Lead Brochure for more safe paint removal tips.

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Restoration / Resurfacing of wood, stucco and drywall: This kind of surface preparation is necessary when surfaces are severely deteriorated or there is substrate damage. Substrates may have to be completely replaced, repaired or resurfaced. Abrasion, chemical removers or applied heat may be employed in order to remove a failed coating and/or to expose a failing substrate.

Paint stripping and surface restoration

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