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Easy steps to keep your front door looking new
Easy steps to keep your front door looking new

A properly stained wood front door announces to your guests you care for them during their visit. You know the look of a nicely stained door, where the stain is evenly applied and the clear coats reflect an even gloss across the surface. Yet, with the finish looking nice, dirt and grunge can portray the wrong message. Some simple things you can do to extend the “welcome mat” and help maintain the service life of the door coating.

First of all, a wiping of the surface of the door with a damp sponge (water only) helps the door look nice and lengthens the life of the coating. By wiping off the exterior dirt and pollution, the abrasive elements that rub off the protective coating are removed.

Another thing you can do after the clean water wiping is use some lemon oil to give back a shine and luster. Lemon oil cleans, shines and prevents wood finishes from drying out. In addition, quality lemon oils are formulated with a sunscreen to protect the coating from the direct and indirect effects of sunlight. Try to choose lemon oil with minimal silicone and waxes; they tend to build up over time, and create further challenges for the refinisher when it gets time to reapply the clear coats.

Finally, the last recommendation is to physically protect the wood door. This can be done with the use of a reflective glass storm door, an overhang to extend the door protection from the elements or plant an indigenous tree to shade the door during the more severe ultraviolet season. Eventually, the clear coat should be  re-applied every few years to avoid the replacement cost of a new door.

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