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Lead Paint Renovate RightGot Lead Paint Renovate Right. Be lead safe when you renovate your home.

In 2010, GP&D Restoration became an RRP Certified company after the EPA established the federal Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule. The RRP Rule was developed to protect occupants from lead contamination generated during work conducted in homes, childcare facilities and some schools built prior to 1978. The regulation requires both companies and employees that perform such work become certified and trained in the use of lead-safe work practices. RRP certification is good for five years. It applies to any residence or child-occupied facility built prior to lead being banned from architectural type paints. Company certification and worker training certification must be in place before a contractor begins work that disturbs:

  • For Interiors – more than 6 square feet of painted surface per room for interiors.
  • For Exteriors – more than 20 square feet of painted surfaces.

All trade types must comply with this regulation. They must utilize ‘Lead-Safe work practices while doing the work. Landlords performing work on their rental dwellings built prior to 1978 must also comply.

Lead Paint Renovate Right means Lead-safe work practices be utilized by contractors. These lead-safe work practices include three basic steps designed to minimize the risk of lead contamination and consequent health dangers:

  1. Containment of the work area. Containment includes restricting access to the work area. Work area floors are to be covered with heavy plastic sheeting and covering anything that cannot be moved. Also hanging two layers of protective sheeting at the entrance to the work area controls the possible flow of dust.
  2. Per EPA regulations, to reduce the amount of dust generated and possibly dispersed, wet scraping techniques must be used to remove paint. Power tools may only be used for sanding, grinding or resurfacing when connected to HEPA vacuums that collect the fine lead dust. This is an important element of lead paint renovate right.
  3. Proper cleanup is mandated. Every work day, the work area must be cleaned up. A final cleaning is required when the project is complete.

A pamphlet developed by the EPA entitled Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers and Schools. It includes information about lead-safe work practices and how to protect one’s family during renovation activities. The RRP Rule mandates that contractors provide owners and occupants with the EPA pamphlet. The pamphlet must be provided before work starts. Contractors are required to complete paperwork that includes an occupant’s signature confirming they received this pamphlet.

The EPA asks property owners to review a contractor’s RRP certification before allowing the individual to begin work at their pre-1978 home or childcare facility. When there’s Lead Paint Renovate Right.

RRP = Lead Paint Renovate Right

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