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In compliance with the new Lead Based Paint (LBP) regulation GP&D Restoration is a Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) certified to work on LBP projects. The target projects are child occupied houses built pre-1978, which must be tested before starting any surface preparation.  What this amounts to for our customers is further awareness, paperwork and costs.

As previously required our first step we are to inform and educate the targeted property owners of the health risks associated with LBP. In addition, if the property is suspected we are now trained to perform a test to confirm or deny the existence of LBP. Several receipts are now required to be signed.

Lead safe procedures are performed on areas that have confirmed LBP. These preparation procedures involve the personnel, the work area and the type of tools that must be used. It just falls short of a full on abatement site with white suits, plastic everywhere and warning signs.

Lead based paint can
These are still found in homes.

The additional costs cover the administration, the slower production rate and materials for doing this type of work. However, the hide costs that are being avoided are the health effects that people would have to live with their entire life. We here at Gilmore Painting have always placed safety above that of production – we all just want to return home at night to see our families.

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