Interior Staining, Finishing 
and Refinishing Done Right!

Interior Staining, Finishing and Refinishing

When new windows, doors, and trim are installed in an update or remodel of an existing home, depend on GP&D to match the stain colors and finishes of the existing finished trim.

We also do a lot of interior trim refinishing. This type of work includes stripping older finishes and starting over with staining and finishing, or touching up scratched and broken down surfaces and applying new finishes. 

Years of experience provides us with the know-how to get the finishing or refinishing project completed correctly. Most of the time, we use water based stain, sealers and clear coats. The water based products are state of the art, very durable and have virtually no odor. An important plus is these products are safer for your health and environment. They also allow us to complete projects faster. When necessary, we still use the old traditional solvent based stains and finishes. Most of the time, the project type and finish look required dictate what system (water-based or solvent) should be used for the best results. 

Staining and Finishing new wood doors, windows, and trim
Using water based products, some small projects can be completed in one or two days. We can match your color; right there for your approval. Apply four (4) protective coats of a satin or semi-gloss finish and you can close your door at the end of the day. We do it all the time – safely and without stinky smells that are dangerous to your family’s health.

Refinish interior wood trim, windows, and doors 
When your interior stained and finished trim is looking tired, scratched, or just plain old fashion, give us a call. We have several options available – from touching up your trim to completely refinishing it. We can make your wood look great again!

Whether new trim or old,
we can provide the results you want.

We combine painting best practice with excellent customer service to bring you the results you want. Starting with safety, property protection, preparation, ending with cleanliness. We respect your property and belongings and maintain a clean, orderly and safe work environment.

Let’s get started
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