So what does fully insured
really mean?

Trust and Peace of Mind.

GP&D Coatings and Restoration is fully insured. We’re insured to protect our customers and ourselves.

Our employees are protected with Workers Compensation Insurance, which is required by law, and provides protection for work related injuries. This type of insurance also removes risk, related to employee injuries, from our customers.

We’re also insured with General Liability Insurance.  This type of insurance also provides our customers with protection.   For contractors and construction businesses, General Liability Insurance covers the cost of lawsuits brought by third parties over property injury or bodily damage possibly caused by the business or one of its employees.  

GL Insurance may include coverage for…

  • Property damage.
  • Client and third-party injuries (e.g., a customer trips over a power cord or slips on a wet floor).
  • Reputational injuries (e.g., a competitor claims you damaged its reputation in an ad).
  • Problems with your construction / installation (aka Completed Products coverage).

We combine painting best practices 
with excellent customer service. 
We’re fully insured for your protection.

Contracting with GP&D means you’re protected by a fully insured painting contractor.

Let’s get started
on your painting project

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