Let’s get your front door
looking great again!

Exterior Refinish  Doors, Decks, and Fences

Let’s get your exterior wood surfaces looking great again!
Refinishing exterior wood surfaces requires special knowledge and special care.

Does your front door need help?
We have saved a lot of doors over the years and maintain several each year keeping them looking great. These doors became the new statement piece on the front of their home because we refinished them in time. Love your wood doors again.

Start enjoying your deck again.
We can restore the natural wood look. 

Decks need special attention and ongoing care to provide years of service and enjoyment.
One of the toughest surfaces to maintain in our amazing Colorado location is the wood deck. Between the sun’s rays and winter weather, decks really take a beating.

Let’s get your deck looking great again!

We can bring new life to an old fence.
Protect your investment.

Wood fences provide us with protection and serve as great backdrops in our yards. Over the years they can also start taking away from the look of our property. We start the refinishing process by protecting nearby plant life. When your garden is your #1 concern, the very early spring or fall seasons are typically the best time to refinish wood fences. We clean the old finishes using environmentally safe cleaners and then brighten the wood. This process returns the wood to look more like it once did. We then apply various wood treatments depending on what finish look and color you desire.  Natural wood surfaces maintain their wonderful look when properly maintained.

Let’s bring new life and a great look to your old fence.

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