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Pressure wash the house exterior before painting

Proper surface preparations ensure that the painted / stained surface is more durable and looks nice.  Surfaces must be clean, dull, and dry; mildew, chalk, dust, rust, dirt, grease, wax and other surface contaminants. Additionally, surface resistance (Ohm) rise over the entire surface, which repeals the adhesion of mew paint sticking. These are the main reasons why pressure wash the house before painting.

The pressure washing helps to remove loose, peeling paint through high pressure and velocity. This process does not completely remove all the old paint. More stubborn peeling paint surfaces left behind will be scraped and the larger pieces are picked up and disposed of properly.

Water is our abrasive to remove most of the surface pollution. Deck stains require eco-friendly detergents. Water and mild cleansing agents do not harm vegetation or personal property.

DANGERS: A pressure washer converts city water (40 to 60 P.S.I.) to thousands of Pounds per Square Inch (P.S.I.). Stories float around about how untrained workers destroy what they suppose to clean. Clearly, this type of equipment is better used by a professional to minimize self, others and surface damage.

After pressure washing is finished, the contractor allows some time before applying any primer or paint (at least a day). What happens when the surfaces are pressure washed, water is injected into the cellular structure and it takes time to dry out. Now, those of us who lived in this high-altitude desert understand things dry much faster than in the wetter climates.

Any paint not removed in the initial blasting may come loose as the porous (leaky) surfaces dries. The contractor, will then hand scrape and sand those areas once dry.

Things the contractor needs from the customer:

  • stay away from the professional while he/she uses the equipment
  • move personal belongings away from the structure(s) before washing
  • city water from an exterior garden spigot
  • trees and shrubs cut back from structures being cleaned
  • be inside when pressure washing if a windows or doors leak
  • contractor cannot be held responsible for soft, rotten surfaces and/or fiber mesh window screens

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