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Cold Weather Painting Problems

When it comes to exterior maintenance painting in the fall, the Denver House Painting Pro team has the expertise to provide you with the best service. To prevent cold weather painting problems, that may mean providing you advice to wait until spring to complete your repaint project. To provide you a better painting experience, we’re interested in not pushing the appropriate weather and temperature boundaries too far.

The weather can play a big part in how we provide you with the best value.  At this time of year, the fall days are beautiful and the cooler sleeping temperatures at night are grand. The cooler nighttime temperatures can, at times, create problems for achieving the best value from your expenditures.  Paints and coatings have application limitations where temperatures are concerned.  How long your exterior painting project lasts, it’s longevity and budget value can be negatively impacted when these limitations are pushed.  We know the marketing of consumer type paints makes it look like you can complete that exterior repainting project in the middle of winter.  You can’t.

Red sky at night, painters delight.  Red sky in the morning, painters warning.  Of course, that old adage referenced sailors, not painters. The main point of this blog post is to make sure that near year-end rush to get an exterior repaint project completed isn’t compromising longevity. We’re interested in providing you with proper value and to not lose longevity for the sake of cosmetics. When it comes to doing what may be a ‘next year exterior repaint job’ in the late fall (with the colder temps at night and increase of moisture during the fall) take care.
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