Cloudy clear coat turns crusty

4-CompletedprojectToday’s challenge: Cloudy or milky look after the clear coat was applied. Someone called today a described this condition on their new Alder woodwork. Doors, trim and built-in wall units all were finished over a year ago, but from the time the project was finished the condition got worse. What happened to this stained woodwork; why did it happen and why does it get worse over time?

Without all the details here is what happened. A new custom house had their interior trim stained and finished with just the right color stain. However the clear coat came out too shiny. Now instead of sanding and reapplying the correct gloss to the wood the painter took a small roller and went back over the surfaces.

What they did not consider is in using that application tool with that product you trap air between the coats. Over time heat, humidity and sunlight change the trapped air and the cloudy effect occurs. I could be more technical here but you get the idea.

Now we will have to go in and abrade all the woodwork. Next a gel stain or tinted clear coat will have to applied properly (yes, more than likely sprayed – what a mess!). Usually the former with considerable dry time allowed before a clear coat can be reapplied. Can you imagine if this was your house and you had to deal with the mess and the inconvenience?

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