Clear Creek History Museum Schoolhouse

GP&D Restoration was selected to provide preparation and painting to the historic one-room schoolhouse. The Clear Creek History Museum Schoolhouse. Though this project was completed several years ago, the finished job still provides visitors with a great looking historical exhibit. Visit the Golden, Colorado History Park.
Moved here from Golden Gate Canyon, this original one-room schoolhouse was built around 1876, the same year Colorado became a state. It served the needs of canyon locals until 1951. In addition to schooling children in grades 1-8, it was also a community center of sorts where dances and church services were held.

The Guy Hill Schoolhouse was moved to Golden as a 1976 Colorado Centennial project sponsored by Mitchell Elementary faculty and students.

Historic properties need special attention. The measure between normal or typical preparation of surfaces prior to the application of primers and paints and the preparation given to preservation projects can be extreme. The Clear Creek History Museum Schoolhouse project required special attention to all wood surfaces. The integrity and protection of the original substrate are very important in preservation work. Additionally, preparation, priming, and a painting system that are frequently employed on typical modern projects, may not be used in some cases.  Cosmetics are important but typical fillers used to aid the finish cosmetics may not be allowed in some preservation projects. Consequently, cosmetic appearances of historical projects my be a little different than other modern repaint type projects.

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