Avoid Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Paint

Protect your home from VOCs - everyone will love you more.
Protect your home from VOCs – everyone will love you more.

Avoid Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in paint because they are emitted off-gases that are harmful to the human body. One might sense eye, nose and throat irritation initially. Headaches, lack of coordination and nausea tend to follow. More permanent damage to liver, kidney and the central nervous system are why we avoid them at the start. The different VOC off-gases are suspected or even known to cause cancer in humans.

Everyone’s sensitivity to these gases varies, but the initial effects can be stopped through simple things like removing yourself from the source of the VOC and getting some fresh air. Remember the adage “take a couple aspirin and call me in the morning” could be appropriate as well. Drink some water and perhaps take something for the symptoms, but most important is to remove yourself from the area.

Saturation amount and frequent occurrences tend to be major contributors of the effects on our health. Regular painting activities can increase VOC exposure if not managed. GP&D Restoration is known to seek out alternative products that have low amounts of VOCs or no VOCs. Ask your retailer and physician to explain more about your options and the health effects. Live long and prosper!

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