Advantages of Water Based Wood Stain

No Smell, More color selection without the solvent hazards.
No Smell, More color selection without the solvent hazards.

Three main advantages of water-based stain are color, time and less hazardous. Our water based stain system allows us to match the color, on-location, and get your approval in minutes. This can be done with no harmful solvents or offensive odors.  It is like taking the old school approach of how the craftsman worked up a stain color without the trips back and forth to the paint store to get the color acceptable.

Our stain color matching system allows limitless colors, better color retention, and does not yellow over time. Many of the light and mid-tone colors can be quickly reached using this water-based coloring system. Real deep color tones, like paint, take more time to reach the depth of desired color. Either light or dark stain color will maintain their color longer with clarity

Water based stains dry very quickly. The hotter and dryer the surroundings the faster the components dry. This could be a difficulty to some who are not experienced with characteristics of the water based stains. Truly, for those who understand the basic principles of staining, we can touch and even close the door or window when finished.

Water versus a solvent (usually petroleum) based product – who wins when it comes to the environment? Well that is not a hard question because everything about solvents make the project more unpleasant. The eco-friendly benefits of a water based stain system begin with zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions (no dangerous fumes), next the disposal of the waste (its water) and a side benefit is the low odor (little smell).

Water finishes today are equal or superior to solvent based products in most applications. Health, safety and environmental compliance make us all feel better, besides the fact you save time, offer more color variations, get the project finished faster (start to dry), durability and easier to maintain.

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