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Remove Acoustical / Popcorn ceiling texture

Scrape popcorn ceiling
After asbestos testing the texture can come down.

To remove acoustical / popcorn ceiling texture has become very popular. Many feel it is a dated and dirty look. About forty years ago the construction industry started using this finishing technique on ceiling as a short cut. The drywall was minimally finished and then this popcorn texture was applied to cover any discrepancies. Thus generally after the texture is removed, we, the contractor will need to apply a smooth coat to nicely finish your ceilings. A texture can be applied that mimics your wall texture if you like.

Two big reasons why more folks do not remove ceiling texture: it is a messy process and the health hazard associated with the texture. What is mixed into the texture is drywall compound. When we scrape it off it releases a dust that floats everywhere – that is the messy part. Asbestos maybe the health hazard – only a lab test can tell. As recent as the year 2000 a local distributor was found guilty for selling asbestos in their drywall compound. We use air filtration while we are working and High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums during the clean-up.

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