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Contacting us is your first step to receiving superior service from trusted professionals. We’re well aware of the many market options homeowners have when requesting an estimate for their painting projects. Denver House Painting Pro isn’t one of the many, rather we are one of the few. As certified and qualified professionals with a long history of building relationships upon trust and superior service, we’re not interested in trying to be something we’re not.  Our strengths and expertise are shared in more depth here on our website.

  • We’re pleased to provide current insurance certificates for our business insurance and workers compensation insurance. This is the one true way to provide proof of being fully insured and have always suggested verifying insurance is actually in place for anyone doing work on your property. Rather than relying on ‘Fully Insured’ marketing lines, we recommend trust and verify.
  • We respect your time and promise to respond. When provided an opportunity to be of service, though we know we may not be able to meet the needs of everyone, we will respond to everyone in a timely fashion. We utilize the phone and email as our primary means of responding.
  • When contacting the Denver House Painting Pro, we work to answer and meet your needs. If  we’re not a great fit for your needs, we will try to recommend another company who is a great fit.