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Additional Painting Services

Wallpaper removal - an art form!
Wallpaper removal involves several steps before paint can be applied.

Additional Painting Services include:

Wallpaper removal is a mixed bag. Depending on how the installers hung the wallpaper, what product they used and how many layers are behind what you see, the project can be quit involved. An honest wallpaper estimate is given as a time & material agreement. We have removed our share over the years and can give you that experience.

Exterior Carpentry Repairs
Steps are expensive to replace, this repair saved plenty.

Carpentry  We do exterior & interior wood repairs. Exterior repairs include siding, trim, eaves and soffits.  Interior repairs include baseboards, door & window casings. We have vast experience in repairing exterior wood surfaces. we start with discovering what is causing the deterioration – often water related issues are the cause.


 Drywall patches -no problem. We can patch in those damaged areas, cracks and damaged corner beads and nail pops. Have the repairs done right the first time. Do not accept others’ long winded reasons why they can not do it to your liking. Instead, call us.

Texture: Entire houses, rooms, garages and guest house can all be textured. We match the texture of the surrounding area to look all the same. Unique texture effects can also be created with a little imagination and skill.

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